DIY Pie Banner

I got crafty this week and made a sweet little autumn banner for our coffee station! I used scrap fabric, ribbon and twine and a little hot glue and acrylic craft paint to create this simple project. (It cost me nothing but a little time because I already had the supplies!) I wanted to be able to use this throughout the fall season and I blended my paint colors until I got them just right for my kitchen. You could personalize your own however you'd like!

Trace a triangle (size of your choice) onto a piece of fabric, burlap or heavy paper.

Cut out your pie shapes.
I went through all my scrap pieces of fabric and ribbon to find different textures to use for details on each "slice".

I decided to fold some small pieces of paper accordion style to use as my "crust".
You could also use paint or ribbon for your own unique look! 

Paint as desired.
You could do all pumpkin pies! Or any pie or pastry you'd like!
I hot glued all my accessories on and then hot glued each slice to a long piece of twine.

Happiest Thanksgiving to you all!

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