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  1. Hello Lauren, I have seen these DIY Circular Pergola's with Swings And Firepits before like the one that is painted black. However I really like this one that has the movie screen and if also big enough to not only have the swings n pit but also room to have some chairs too. I have looked on your blog because I thought it had the instructions on how to built it. I do believe if I could get my husband to look at it that maybe he could figure out how far apart each of the 4x4 or maybe they are 6x6" boards that I believe are probably set in concrete; I'm just not sure. So if there is a tutorial like I thought there was then I was thinking that if I get stubborn enough I could just try and do it myself. Could you please tell me where the instructions are for this one is? I'm thinking that when you get this it will have my email address on the email as the sender.
    Thank you, Cynthia Gallegos

  2. Hi, Cynthia! Thanks for reaching out.

    Yes, we wrote a detailed tutorial on this project that includes build steps, material list and cost breakdown. The link is included in my original blog post and you can link directly to the tutorial here:

    Here is the original blog post:

    And we used a stain by Sherwin Williams to seal the project! It's a deep chocolate brown.

  3. Hi Lauren- firstly- hi from Tasmania, Australia! I am really wanting to create my own splash pad for myself and my 3 waterloving dogs. It certainly isn't warm enough for a pool down here so am really keen to have something practical that will be of use to myself in summers and to bath/shower them. Would you happen to have the list of equipment I need to make my own? I would be so very grateful!

  4. Hi Lauren. I'm your "city neighbor." I live in the city to your west, Calera. Have you thought about doing/having weddings at your place? I don't mean elaborate weddings, but for folks who would like to have a nice venue without going all out ($$-wise too), your place would be perfect. The new barn space would be perfect for a reception area too. Then if it rained, you could do the whole thing in the barn. It would be a great place for those who are on round 2 of getting married but who still would want an outdoor wedding without hocking their own house to do it. It's absolutely beautiful. Glad you were able to find it. Hope you and your family are enjoying Shelby County.

  5. Hi, neighbor! We have had so many people ask! It is not something we're entertaining at this time. Our home is our own little oasis and we do enjoy our privacy. And our barn is in use at all times. It's a fully functioning wood workshop and garage. We would have to essentially "move out" for every event! Thank you for your kind words! :)

  6. My family lived there in the late 1940's under my Maiden name Sanford,
    My name is Farrell Crowe please contact me at 205-491-4056 as I would like to talk to you about the house. Thank you!

    1. That is so neat! We would love to chat and hear all about it!

  7. Currently, I am building the octagon swing, but I am doing this by myself so without having any machinery to lift the top beam so I can mark my angle, do you roughly know the angle I would need to cut the top beams so it fits the triangle cutout on the support posts? Thank you.

  8. Hi, just saw the hot wheels garage, Love it!! Can you tell me the size of the PVC pipes you used? Thank you