Fall on the Farm | 2015

Fall is in full swing and we're enjoying our second autumn in the farmhouse this year! I absolutely love Christmas time but I'll be so sad to pack up the fall decor after Thanksgiving. It's such a beautiful season. It's been a busy few months for us. We celebrated Baker's 2nd birthday in September and he saw the beach for the very first time in October. There is nothing better than seeing your children experience things for the first time. Everything is magical through their eyes! 

Brett has been super busy with work and he's been out of town quite a bit. Our kitchen is still torn apart, but we're slowly (very slowly) piecing it back together. The truth is I know exactly what I want to do. Knock down a major wall and rearrange the entire kitchen layout. But, that would mean having to install new flooring throughout the entire space. Unfortunately, that's just not an option right now. Lack of time and money are the two biggest contributing factors to the progress. But, if I'm being honest, the idea of not being able to implement my vision is the biggest mental hurdle. We have a plan to do a "band-aide" makeover of sorts. It will be a huge improvement in-and-of itself. But, it's still going to cost money. And there is something that just feels so wrong about spending money on renovations that we know we're going to change all over again. Especially when the budget is already tight! Does that make sense? That's the truth. I'm holding myself back. Which is totally non-instictual for me. Or for us, as a team.

For those who have asked.. Yes, the kitchen is functional! All of our appliances are still intact. We just removed all the large cabinetry and finishes that we knew were going to be pulled out anyways. We raised the ceiling and completed the electrical. We also reframed a new walk-in pantry. Those are all huge components! And as awful as it looks, I actually don't hate it. It's so open now that we've removed the upper cabinets. And it's been a good thing to have all this time in the space to really think about the design, layout and finish materials we want to use. I've already changed my mind about 10 times. A lesson in patience indeed! 

Property maintenance takes up about 90% of our time outside of our jobs! No surprise there. Anytime anyone asks us about our experience with acreage or owning a "fixer upper" or what they need to know to do it themselves - our answer is always the same: Work. You have to be willing to work. Skill set and knowledge are important, but I thoroughly believe if someone wants to learn something they will put forth the effort to do so. If you have the work ethic and you're willing to do the physical labor that comes along with caring for land then you can do it. No matter how many projects we have going on at once - the grass still needs to be mowed. This lifestyle and the responsibility of owning a home like this is certainly not for everyone! Free time seems extra hard to come by. However, it's something that we truly love so we make it a priority to make it work. It comes with many sacrifices but for us the rewards outweigh the cons. Slow project progress and long days but so much pride in ownership! 

Among other things, Brett recently finished a little cedar plant stand for me for the front yard. He always makes time to help me out with my projects and I'm so thankful for that. Every time I see something in our home that I know his hands have touched it makes my heart so happy. I know he works so hard and puts so much love into his work. It means the world to me to he gives so much of himself to our family. 

I wanted to share some fall photos with you to commemorate this season in our home! I love looking back each year to see what's changed from season to season. We can't wait for more fall fun.. trick-or-treating with Baker, Thanksgiving with our families and more evenings around the fire pit. I'm trying not to take this time for granted. Soaking up every little experience with Baker in this season of life! I sincerely hope you're all doing the same with your families, as well! 

Enjoy and Happy Fall from Stillwater Farm!










  1. I discovered your blog recently and realized that we are practically neighbors. I live in Alabaster. We love our home but I've been getting the land/farmhouse bug lately :) Right now, we don't want to move our kids away from this area so that dream will have to wait. In the meantime, I'm going to live vicariously through you and your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Crystal! Thank you so much for the message! We love Alabaster. Helloooo Target! ;) I'm so glad you made your way here. Thank for your kind words!

  2. Where did you get those fabulous wood planters? They are gorgeous!

    1. Hi, Kim! I purchased them at one of my favorites local stores - Alabama Furniture Market. The manufacturer is Park Hill!

  3. Your porch looks so inviting and welcoming. I love how it's all decked out for fall! I can completely sympathize with how time-consuming maintenance can be on an old home. It's been a struggle for us to even keep up with things like yard work, especially when we have a number of interior projects in progress. All your hard work and the countless hours are definitely evident in your beautiful home!

    1. Thank you so much for that! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. And I so empathize!!!

  4. My husband and I purchased an old, Victorian-style house about a year ago, and it has been a fun (but exhausting!) project. We've done the exterior and remodeled the bathrooms thus far, doing most of the work ourselves. I agree, it has been amazingly rewarding to put that kind of effort and pride into a home with history!

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders

    1. Hi, Lynn! Wow! That's really neat to hear. Where do you guys live?

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