We Bought a Farm

Today is the day, folks. Moving day! It's exciting and exhausting and terrifying, but it's all we've ever dreamed of.

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In January of 2011 we purchased what we thought would be our forever home in historic downtown Cullman, AL. It was old and charming and full of history and we adored it. But when the April tornado outbreak swept across the southeast just three months after we closed on our home, we had no choice but to turn a new leaf and try to navigate the new path God was directing us down. We lived in three different hotels over the 7 months following the storm and in November of 2011 we finally closed on our new build.

We've spent nearly three years in our charming neighborhood which boasts a "Front Porch Living" lifestyle and we've really enjoyed getting to know our incredible neighbors. But, it's time for a change. We knew when we closed on the new build that it probably wouldn't be permanent. And that was ok with us. The months that we were displaced were overwhelming, to say the least.  There were lessons learned and much insight & perspective gained through our experiences. We decided to take it slow and try to find a property that was just right for our family. Somewhere we could really put down some roots.

Those who know us well know that we've literally been browsing properties since the week after the tornado outbreak. Brett and I love to take weekend drives and scout out listings and explore different areas around the state. Things moved fast once we found "the farm". Located in the charming city of Columbiana, AL, this beautiful farmhouse dates back to 1905. It sits on 12 acres and is surrounded by even more serene land. There's a stocked 3 acre lake that's also the oldest man made lake in Shelby County (how cool is that?!), two old barns to rehab and wide open spaces for the boys to play. Heaven. We prayed for guidance, peace and grace in making the decision to take this leap of faith. We put an offer on the farm, listed our home & had a contract on our house in two weeks. Today we get the keys. Today we become one of those crazy families you watch living through a renovation on HGTV.  Today we bought a farm! It's going to be a long and slow process, but this is what we love! This is our soul food! And - God willing, we'd like to stay awhile..

Now, THIS is what you call "Front Porch Living"

We'd love for our family and friends to witness the transformation of this little piece of Heaven and I can't wait to watch my family grow and prosper here. I'll do my best to document our projects and share the property history as we discover it ourselves. We can't wait to explore! Welcome to the farm!

Heaven on Earth