Victoria Magazine Summer Feature!

We're honored to represent our sweet town with a patriotic feature in Victoria Magazine this month! This was a hot but super fun shoot last season and the food was as delicious as it looks. We ate leftovers for two weeks! Our kitchen was demolished at the time but their chef, Loren Wood, somehow managed to prep all of these beautiful dishes on a tiny corner of countertop space and one pan on a camp stove. Incredibly impressive!

Summertime at the farm is our very favorite.. and as I say, she shines in red, white & blue!

Victoria Magazine July|August 2017

{Photography: Stephanie Steele - Styling: Melissa Smith - Chef: Loren Wood} 

Behind the scenes! :)

A few snapshots from Liberty Day Festival this weekend! Our boy is growing too fast!

This beautiful flag banner made of vintage lace and fabric strips was one of my favorite finds of the weekend!

Three Years of Liberty Day!



Easy Peasy Banana Pudding!

I just had to jot down this quick recipe for one of my very very very favorite southern desserts! It's a staple at our house and people always ask for the recipe so here it is!

This is a chilled recipe.. a little different than the southern baked banana pudding many are familiar with. But it's super simple and DELISH!


•slice (4-6) bananas with a splash of lemon juice to keep them from turning

•combine 1 box instant vanilla budding, 2 cups cold milk & 1 can sweetened condensed milk

•fold in 1.5 tubs cool whip (do not over mix or it will liquify!)

•layer filling, bananas and nilla wafers - repeat until you've used it all or filled dish

•top with 1/2 tub cool whip and cinnamon & nutmeg

•chill until firm

**(You can use sugar free or fat free options and it tastes exactly the same!)**



Easy One Dish Dinner! (Baked Chicken & Veggies)

I just prepped one of my favorite easy dinners! We've had soup, soup and more soup the last few weeks. My hubby doesn't like veggies so I love to sneak them in when he's at work!

This baked chicken and veggies dish is SO YUM...

•Place thawed chicken, veggies and potatoes in greased baking dish. (Either mixed or separated.)

•Season as desired (I like to put a little cinnamon on the carrots and Italian dressing or a dry ranch packet on the chicken and potatoes.

•Top the entire dish with a stick of butter (sliced)

•Bake (covered) for an hour at 350. Uncover for just a few minutes towards the end! 

*You can totally substitute your favorite veggies and seasonings, as well! I've used sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and lots of seasoning combinations!*

**for an extra healthy version, season as desired and skip the butter. Or substitute a little olive oil.** 
(Around here we like a little butter on our butter.) πŸ˜‚πŸ½πŸ΄

So easy! So delicious!


Winter in Dixie

We had snow in the forecast last night! And although we didn't get as much fluffy white snow as predicted, we did wake up to a glistening ice covered farm!
(Or "shiny glittercicles" as Baker as named them.) Ha!

We look forward to seeing the farmhouse in the snow one day! But the shimmering ice was pretty! We stayed cozy inside for most of the day with soup, cider and the thickest socks we could find. Because BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! :)

Stillwater Farm - Winter 2017

"Shiny Glittercicles"

I would light a fire but the lighter is literally frozen! Ha!

Too bad we didn't upgrade to "heated seats".. πŸ˜‚


She stayed nice and warm (thawed!) under the barn cover! :)

Stay Warm