Happy Halloween! Our Radio Flyer Fire Truck

It's no secret that we absolutely love Halloween! Last year when Baker was only a few months old Brett traveled out of state to a Fire Conference and brought home the most precious little fire fighter uniform. This season it fit him perfectly and this costume just fell right into place! He ADORES everything fire related (no surprise!) and we can't seem to keep him out of his new ride. The first time he saw it he kept telling us Thank You over and over and over.. It just melted my heart! We've joked that maybe we should just turn it into a toddler bed since he loves it so much. ;) The fire truck fits right over his Radio Flyer wagon and it's going to make Trick or Treating around town so fun and easy! Especially if he gets tired! We've had so much fun this season already with fall festivals, Boo at the Zoo, and Trunk-or-Treating. We can't wait to hit the streets this weekend for some more festivities around town. The City of Columbiana hosts "Monster Walk" this weekend plus Baker will get to Trick Or Treat for real for the first time! We absolutely cannot wait!

Happy Halloween from Chief Baker!

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My inspiration for this actually came from a fire truck wagon made of cardboard. And of course Brett wanted to upgrade the idea! I headed to work one day and a few hours later he was sending me pictures of his progress. I literally gasped out loud when I got his photos! It was everything I wanted and then some! HE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. HOME RUN. Once I saw the initial design he came up with I started to envision a little wooden fire truck toy. Similar to the miniature handmade trucks and toys he's built before.. I wanted it to look like a life size replica! And I was so excited to finish it that we started on the detail work as soon as I got home that day. We were up pretty late but sometimes when my creative wheels start turning and we're knee deep in a project the adrenaline hits and I just don't want to stop until I can physically see what I've been dreaming up in my mind. It's an addiction! A DIY addiction! We used all scrap wood from the wood shop, as well. The overall cost was minimal. Nearly free!

True Life: I'm addicted to DIY. #wheresmyintervention

I know a lot of people know about this trick already, but several friends always ask me about my chalk art. I have a super easy short cut and it works on lots of different surfaces! I design and print whatever graphic or text I want to display. Then I rub chalk all over the BACK SIDE of the graphic. I use painter's tape to secure the sheet to the chalk board or surface (face up) and then trace the picture on front side. The chalk is transferred onto the surface leaving the slightest pattern. Then I can use chalk or paint to trace the image perfectly! Voila! Easy peasy. :)

Easy Chalk Art Short Cut!

Almost Finished!

Baker absolutely loves his costume this year because he doesn't really realize it's a costume! He's always been surrounded by fire fighter paraphernalia in our home and he's grown up playing around the fire stations. He is all about driving "daddy's fire truck" and wearing "daddy's fire pants"!!! We'll see how he feels about costumes next year when he'll be three and his opinions and independence  have grown. ;) But this year - He's rocking it!

He LOVES his radio! His favorite thing so report is "It's Okay, Chief! I'm coming to the rescue!"

Stillwater Fire Co. - Engine 1 Responding!


My heart literally feels like it's going to explode when I see the pure joy in our little boy's eyes! I wouldn't trade these memories for anything in the whole world!

Happy Halloween! -Lauren


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  1. What a great project Lauren!!! and little Baker is just tooooo cute for words:)

  2. So cute and creative. Love your blog you do a wondeful job with your home it's beautiful! New to th ps blogging world myself ☺️ Myjoyfuljourney.blogspot.com

  3. Lauren, this fire truck is absolutely adorable. I can oy imagine how thrilled your son must have been. I'm sure this will be a treasured family heirloom for years to come!

    1. Thank you so very much! He just loves it! Our town hosted a fall festival called "Monster Walk" last Friday and we let lots of cute kiddies take a ride in it. Like pony rides but in a fire truck instead! So much fun!

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  5. Beautiful wagon trying to make one for my son just can’t find a way to attach the wood to the wagon!:)����

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