Nursery Makeover

We knew we wanted to create a fun new room for Baker when we moved and I immediately started brainstorming design ideas that could transition with him as he grows, but also stay true to the farmhouse style of our home. I wanted the bones to be timeless. A space that maybe even by the time he's old enough to move out (cue the waterworks!!!) we could use as an office or something for ourselves. Kid's rooms and play rooms are SO fun! I feel like I can push my own boundaries a little and step outside my comfort zone. I could dream up spaces for children all day long! (Anyone remember Trading Spaces - Kids Edition?!)

So, he's been in his new room for several months, but it took quite a while to find the perfect finishing touches. For me interior design is all about the details and I'll probably tweak this room over and over and over just like I do the rest of our house. We partnered with the adorable East Plum shop who provided some of the cutest accessories. You absolutely have to check them out! If I had to describe the look of the new nursery I would call it industrial farmhouse chic with a touch of vintage school house flair. Is that a thing? Bahaha! Well, I say it is. So, it is.

Do you guys remember looking through the second level before photos? No? Well, here you go. HOLY GREEN CARPET FOR DAYS. Not to mention, this small bedroom had THREE doors and a window crammed in there. Hello, claustrophobia. 

Holy Green Carpet!!!

To break down the major changes, we removed one door completely and added a sliding barn door to the existing closet. We also added tongue and groove to the walls and created a fun chalk board on the inside of the bedroom door. It really transformed the ugly hollow core door (yuck) and saved us some money because I was about to toss it in the trash and purchase a new one!

The coolest thing about this project is that every single piece of custom wood detail in this room came off of our property and was custom built by Brett. The barn door, the closet shelves and bookshelves, the window and door trim, the herringbone deer head mount. Everything! Details like that are super special to me when it comes to design in our home. I want things to have a purpose and a story and I love that I can tell you where it all came from and how we worked as a team to make it all come together!

So, check it out.. We love it. Baker loves it. Or at least he naps well in here which is the real toddler test & seal of approval, amiright! I'll leave a source list at the bottom of the post if you have any questions about materials and things found around the room and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Take a peek at Baker's little hideaway!..

Link for this deer mount at the bottom of the post!


Baker recently got a new "big boy" bed and he absolutely loves it! It was a $40 find from our last trip to the Nashville Flea Market! I won a Pottery Barn gift card on an Instagram giveaway and used it to purchase a few shams. The rest isa mix of old & new and high & low end pieces. Much like the rest of our home. :) Baker man calls it his "clubhouse" and his joy makes me a very happy mama!

Nursery Source List:

Wall paint - Woodlawn Bedroom White by Valspar in flat finish
Crib paint - Gray Silt by Valspar
Galvanized pipe and hardware (used on the bookshelf, tent & curtain rod) - Lowes and Home Depot
Drop cloths (tent and curtain) - Harbor Freight $7
Wooden feathers and "Let's Be Adventurers" wooden art - East Plum
Mini stool, twine and craft paper - Hobby Lobby
"Happy Place" pillow and striped blanket - Seibels Cottage (local)
Shag rug, numbered crate and large grey basket - HomeGoods
Galvanized buckets, buffalo check luggage boxes and lantern - Target
"B" marquee nightlight - Monograms Plus
"I'll Eat You Up" Wooden Art - Scrappy Madison
"Where The Wild Things Are" painted canvas - custom painted by personal friend, Sarah Quinney
Small grain stripe storage bins (closet) - Bed Bath & Beyond
Copper light fixture - Cabela's
Wooden growth chart - local artist (Similar ones found on Etsy!)
Antique Fan - Oak Mountain Emporium (local)
8 Point Buck Deer Head Bust Wall Hanging (I spray painted it!)
9 x 12 All Purpose Canvas Cotton Drop Cloth (Similar to what I used)