Baker is 3!

I can't believe we have a threenager!!! 

We celebrated Baker Man's big 3rd birthday at the farm today and boy did we have fun! (Although he's been adamant for the past year that he's actually already four. Seriously, he tells everyone. LOL) No fancy theme this year. We just invited all our buddies over for some farm fun outside. The weather was perfect and we bounced our hearts out and ate pizza and cupcakes until we were ready to pop. It was perfect!

It's also our 2nd Farmiversary! We moved to the farmhouse exactly two years ago today. It's fun to look back over the last 24 months and see how much it's changed as we celebrate family milestones! What a blessing this home has been and we are so grateful to be able to share it with family and friends. The memories we're making here are what makes this house our home!

Brett and I scrambled all week working on the kitchen renovation. (More on that soon!) And it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Lightning hit one of our big oak trees and subsequently took out our HVAC, TV's and dog fence. Then the vacuum broke. (Because, of course it did.) And Baker got sick. And then the rest of lightning tree decided to fall right after we finished yard work before the party. All we could do to was laugh it off. Murphy's Law, right?! We joked that if we ever decide to have a party or go on vacation - everything will break or we'll get sick. Never fails! Haha! But somehow we got our act together and everything fell into place. Seeing the huge smile on Baker's face when he saw his "big big party" made it allll worth it!

RIP Tree :(

Here are some snapshots from this special day! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all our friends who filled the day with love and laughs! We love you all so much!