Baker Makes it Big!.. (And Stock Tank Pool Info)

You may see a familiar face at your local Tractor Supply this season!

We were contacted by the marketing team at Tractor Supply last year about featuring Baker man in their summer campaign. The ads are out and our local store really rolled out the red carpet for him. He just ate it up.. he thought he was on a movie poster! Hahaha!

{Scroll to the bottom of this post for stock tank pool information and tips!}



That grin! He's so proud!

Two thumbs up if you think you're famous now!
{We told him not to let it go to his head. Celebrities still get time-outs, too.}

We’ve comfortably fit five adults plus our toddler in the pool at once!


I've had so many questions about the logistics of our stock tank pool. My sweet friend Patsy {@blessedmommatobabygirls on IG} was super helpful in getting us up and running. We would love to pay it forward and share what we've learned, as well! -THIS article was also a helpful resource!-  For those of you concerned with the longevity of this product, they had their stock tank for fourteen years before installing their in-ground pool. (Which they also DIY-ed... amaze balls!) And it’s still in perfect condition! They’re planning on converting theirs into a hot tub soon.

We’ve never had the desire to have a pool BUT the heat in the south is no joke and we spend so much time working outside in the sun. A few summers ago we were on the verge of throwing ourselves into the lake after a long yard work session. The next thing I knew Brett was pulling up the driveway with a “pool” on the back of his trailer! We purchased our 8 ft stock tank on clearance at our local Tractor Supply. Most feed & supply stores carry them and you can even order them on Amazon. We installed a filter -linked below- and maintain it just like any standard above ground pool. (We drain and store it in our barn in the winter, although we’ve left it outside the last two seasons and it’s done just fine.) You can purchase an Intex round pool cover but size up! The 8 ft pool cover does NOT fit an 8 ft stock tank. 

Brett made our fittings using plumbing supplies because some of the pieces looked pretty flimsy and he wasn't happy with everything included in the kit. However, the pump itself has operated perfectly over the last few seasons! It takes the "A" filters for standard above ground pools. We also use pool and spa shock and a chlorine floater. (You don't ever want to drop chlorine blocks directly in the metal tank because it will corrode the metal and create rust spots. :) And no - it doesn't get hot! It's a pretty inexpensive pool option and incredibly easy to maintain. Perfect for us! (We spent about $200 on our tank and $60 on our supplies. The tanks are typically priced higher than our clearance price! $350+) The 8 ft tank is about two feet deep. 

Our filter.. This is NOT an affiliate link! :)

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 1000 GPH Pump Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005QIYL7E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_atx4yb19Q5TDE

A close-up look at our filter installation..

Happy Swimming!

Country Living returns to Stillwater Farm!

Has your June issue of Country Living Magazine hit your mailbox yet?!

This PRECIOUS she-shed set up was created right here at Stillwater Farm! It has such a Draper James feel. I imagined Reese swinging on that pretty blue love seat every time I peeked in. As always, the entire CL crew is fabulously talented (and fun)! It was so much fun to watch it all come together! I have lots of behind-the-scenes snapshots to share from their week here..


Look at that beautiful cover shot!!!
{Photography by Brian Woodcock | Styling by Alison Allsopp & Alexandra Schmitt}
A warm welcome for the crew!

I spy a stock tank pool!
Photo taken by Brian Woodcock for Country Living Magazine
We snapped some fun family shots around the fire pit for another issue!

Photo taken by Brian Woodcock for Country Living Magazine

Photo taken by Brian Woodcock for Country Living Magazine

It's so much fun to watch the styling process! It takes SO. MUCH. TWEAKING. and fine-tuning to get the perfect shot. That sweet round basket came right out of our bathroom!

They brought a few plants..

Just a few. 

A few more shots of the fire pit set up.. I can't wait to see how these turned out!

Stylist Alexandra Schmitt and Crafts Director Charlyne Mattox knee deep in the most beautiful Pink Gingham fabric!


A few mock cover options..
I loved the imagery of option 1 and the typography at the top of option 2!