Our DIY Splash Pad!

Brett has been out of town at a work convention all week and boy have we missed him! He flew home early and surprised us last night! I let Baker stay up extra late to give him a BIG hug. :) And I think literally screamed when he called me from the Birmingham airport. Best surprise ever!

Now that the weather has really warmed up we've been spending lots of time at all the splash pads around town. Little man LOVES water play! Brett made a quick trip to the hardware store this morning and $40 later we have our own mini water park! This is a really easy and inexpensive project and so much more convenient than driving all over town since we don't live in the city anymore.

YAY! Daddy's home! (Links to purchase materials at the bottom of the post!)

Our redneck water park! Hahaha!
We already had a big concrete pad in our backyard. The concrete picnic set that was on top of it was in bad shape and starting to crumble apart. We were relieved to discover that it wasn't secured to the base at all. Not even the bench tops were secured to the legs! Brett and I took apart the seats and then hauled off the table using the tractor. The base underneath was in excellent shape. Perfect for our project!