Fall 2017 and our new barn!

Fall is here! Here are a few recent snapshots! 

Back in June Brett and I broke ground on our biggest DIY project to date. Our new barn/workshop! This space is something we've been dreaming about for years. After months of dreaming and drawing and planning we demolished our old car port and began excavation for our new structure. Aside from the welcomed helping hand of my FIL, Brett and I have completed the entire project completely on our own. Drawing the plans, demo, excavation, foundation, framing, roofing, exterior, doors, windows, hardware, electrical, design and finish work has all been done with our own two hands and a toddler under our boots. In the middle of July. In Alabama.

We are so tired. So proud!!! But so tired. 😂

We've hosted a few fun barn parties already and the shop will be a fully functioning garage and wood shop. The upstairs is stubbed for use as a future in-law suite but we'll be using it for storage and office space for now. Of course Brett wants to install a fire pole! Haha! So much of our life revolves around our work space.. farmhouse restoration, renovation projects, equipment maintenance. This barn is a huge blessing and we are so grateful for it! It will patina over time and blend in beautifully with the surrounding historic property. I'd love to say we're ready to take a break and finally SIT DOWN but that's highly unlikely around here. We still have lots of relatively small things to work on before this project is complete. (Things like exterior barn lights, building the back deck, insulation.) But we only have four hands between us and limited days to work. It's been about 3.5 months of progress and we are loving the new space!

I've documented the entire build process and shared lots of recent home photos over on my Instagram if you've missed it! Hop on over to see! ----> @MRSLAURENASH

This post is photo heavy considering I don't blog all that often but here is a look at our barn progress followed by this year's farmhouse fall decor!


Rainy summer days + Alabama red dirt = Excavation got messy.

Right before our first barn party!

Barn doors in progress.

I've always dreamed of having a dutch door! Brett did an amazing job!

Fall Fun & the Farmhouse!

DIY Pie Banner I made for our coffee station!

My pumpkins with his pumpkins!

Nothing better than fire-pit nights in the crisp autumn air.

It's not officially fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch!

Happy Fall!


  1. Lauren, all of y'alls hard work, vision, and dedication to this home is just so inspiring. You're breathing new life into something worthwhile. Proud for you!

  2. That barn! SWOON!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous and one of my dreams! I hope we see lots of that barn in future blog posts...;)

  3. Oh! It's just perfect! All your hard work definitely has paid off. Love it! And your Fall decor looks wonderful too! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing more of the barn in the future.

    1. Thanks you so much, Cecilia! I truly appreciate your kind words!

  4. I am so in LOVE with your barn. So much inspiration! Y'all's hard work definitely paid off! Congratulations!

    I do have a question...where did you get those galvanized pots on your front porch? They are exactly what I'm looking for to go on our front porch but I can't find any that big!

    1. Hi, Morgan! Thank you! I found those galvanized olive buckets on clearance at Target. You can find large authentic ones at most flea markets, as well!

  5. I follow you on IG and just discovered your website. Wow what a story. Love your farmhouse and will follow the process. Sorry about the storms for youf first home, but wow I LOVE the farmhouse. My dream too.

  6. So glad you found your way here! I’m definitely more active over on IG but I like to chronicle special things here. :) Thank you so much for your kind words!