Columbiana FD BBQ

We absolutely love our farmhouse and new town and we'll happily tell just about anyone who'll listen all about it! For us, the hardest thing about moving somewhere new was being farther away from family and friends and the fear of losing the sense of community that we had grown to love in our last neighborhood. But we knew without a doubt that we were making the right decision for our family and so we took the leap. Aside from a few immediate neighbors (who were incredibly welcoming!) we didn't know a single soul in our new town... And so it began - Operation: Make New Friends.

Brett is a career firefighter and noticed the local fire department the first time we ever drove down Main Street in the City of Columbiana. He has a habit of doing that.. noticing fire departments, hydrants, trucks. Basically, anything related to the fire service in any town we visit. We closed on the farmhouse last Fall, but by this Spring he was ready to introduce himself and get to know a little more about the local station. I am so glad he did! Over the last few months he's gotten really involved. Teaching classes, attending meetings and picking up shifts. But best of all, he's forging new friendships.

A few weekends ago we hosted a little farm party for the local fire fighter families. What a WONDERFUL group of people! We had a great time getting to know lots of new friends and enjoying some beautiful Spring weather at the farm. Plus, we'll never pass up an opportunity to put our fire pit to use.

To our new community and all our new friends - Thank you so much for embracing our family and being so kind to us. We promise to be good neighbors and great friends and give back to this wonderful town as much as we can. We love you all and we love it here.

- Lauren

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