Our First Week

We've been on the farm for six days! Times flies when you're having fun working hard. Truth be told, we are having a lot of fun. But, there's a lot of work that goes into moving. Especially since we have so much property to maintain now. I post regularly on Instagram, so if you'd like a peek into our daily life you can follow me there!

(I spy a shipping container!)
Currently, we have a large 40 ft. shipping container on the property that we're temporarily using for storage and as a garage-of-sorts. (If you see the giant tan thing in the picture backgrounds, here is your explanation!) We thought it would be beneficial to have on-site storage and it will allow us to eliminate the hassle of moving our non-essential things several times while we renovate.

Our strategy this week was to divide and conquer. While our dogs and son were away for the first few days I took over the interior situation and Brett started working outside. The home is actually quite large at around 3200 SF. I'm guessing the back portion of the home was updated in the last 15 years or so. Esthetically, it's my least favorite area, but it's certainly "live-able". The plan is to have comfortable quarters for living, sleeping, eating and bathing. The rest can remain empty until we decide where our renovation plans will start.

View toward the farmhouse from the back side of the lake.

Brett hit the jackpot on Tuesday when all his farm equipment arrived! I think he died and went to man Heaven. We knew we'd have to begin property maintanance immediately so we invested in a tractor, lawn mower and small UTV right away. The exterior short-list for week one included mowing, trimming, pressure washing, installing the underground dog fence and bush hogging the back acreage. With some help from his dad, Brett was able to get so much accomplished.. and fast! I will never underestimate the value of good equipment ever again! :) Baker has spent the last few days  watching Brett come & go working out of the back of the house.  He loves to sit by the back windows waving and calling "DaDa" and "Truck-Truck". It melts my heart!

It's TRACTOR day! We were all excited!

Boys and their toys!
So, right now we're "functional". We have a clean and comfortable living space and we're loving it out here. We have endless projects to work on, but a lifetime to finish them. (Thank goodness!) I love that our children will grow up knowing what hard work looks like and hopefully an appreciation for the lifestyle we're trying to provide for our family.

Watching daddy work in the rain from his favorite spot by the window. Work ethic training! ;)

We are just so thankful to be here. So, so thankful. 


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